Monday, February 18, 2013

Movie Monday- Students and Technology

I had a request to do a  short video clip telling future teachers three things they need to know about students and technology.  It is hard to choose just 3 things!

My 3 Things:
-Students are changing (I know that is so cliche.. but it is SO true!)  The background, expectations, and upbringing of students has changed.  As educators we need to keep that in mind when we work with various students.
-Students are connected!  This is not going to change!  Take this time to work with students on the importance of a digital footprint.  It is also a great time for you to connect with others through social media (You would be AMAZED at the learning that can happen outside your classroom walls!)
-The most important one to me... Technology gives students a voice!  Students come to class with varying backgrounds and abilities.  Technology gives students an opportunity to connect with others outside of their 5 walls, but also levels the playing field!

What are your three things?  How has technology improved your teaching and your classroom?  How are you changing the way you teach to meet the needs of all your students?

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