Saturday, February 9, 2013


Raise your hand if you make new years resolutions to lose weight... both of my hands go up!  I always make the resolution, but I never really follow through (much like most everyone else making resolutions.. right?)

This year was a little different.  After Christmas our household had some financial toughness... I am still trying to battle with different job things that frustrate me greatly.. This was the AH HA moment that I needed.There are not many things that I can change immediately (losing weight is one of those too) But.. I have CONTROL over losing weight.  There are other things in my life that I really don't have much control over until this summer.

Taken September 2012

So, I downloaded the app Lose It (blogged about it here), I joined the Fit42 group on Facebook (that a ton of my edtech friends are on) and I have my rocking accountability partner KimberlyW (we text what we eat and when we work out!)

In the past when I wanted to lose weight I always told myself I won't eat fast food.. I won't drink any more sodas.. and I will work out every day.  That would last maybe a whole week.  This time I changed that!

I have NOT deprived myself of anything!  I still have my soda (I just write it down)  I still have fast food (but I order the kids meal.. and I write it down) I go to the gym.. and enjoy it!I have discovered that me spending an hour at the gym works great.  I have a ton of stressors (see above) I do cardio (bike or elliptical) for 30 minutes and then I lift weights for 15-20 minutes.  Afterwards I feel SO much better! I have even started leaving school at a decent time so I can get to the gym.  A big change I do too is I stop eating and drinking at 8pm (I know that sounds late.. but I am always going!)

Last week I spent a week in Austin for TCEA (blog for that coming soon.. and I PROMISE I have a great guest blogger coming.. they are just running a little behind... hint.. hint.. Ninjas :)  I wore a pedometer and ended up walking over 20 miles.  I got up 2 mornings and used the gym in the hotel.  I also enjoyed the great Austin food (tried to keep up with my 8pm time) enjoyed beverages with friends.  I did come prepared.  I brought my own snacks (yogurt, water bottles, oranges, and cereal)

So.. the day that I got back from Austin I weighed myself.. and found I lost 2.6 pounds! So, in other words.. I have lost a total of 16.3 pounds! I know that soon I will be hitting a plateau, but I am ready!  It has been SO nice to be in control of something!
On a Photowalk in Austin 

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS:) That is such happy news! Good luck when the plateau hits, just keep on a keepin' on:)

    We are ALL Special!