Monday, February 4, 2013

TCEA13 Bound!

Just finished packing to head out tomorrow at noon for TCEA13.  TCEA (Texas Computer Education Agency Convention) takes place in Austin, Texas. I know.. I know.. it is Mail Call Monday.  It might end up being a Mail Call Wednesday or Thursday :) My awesome guest bloggers are UBER busy getting ready for TCEA themselves!  The 3 Tech Ninjas are going to be my next guest bloggers.

There is going to be a ton of great learning happening in Austin over the next few days.  Can't make it?  That is okay.. check out twitter or other social media platforms.  Just check for the hashtag #TCEA13.

Things I am looking forward to:
-Hanging out with some AWESOME BrainPOP peeps!
-Presenting with Stuart Burt over Shooting, Editing, and Making Movies on the iPad
-Helping host a TCEA13 Photowalk
-Attending some great sessions
-Connecting with all those Tweeps that I follow online!

Are you going to #TCEA13?  What sessions are on your must do list?  Because of my commitments I am not going to be able to attend all the sessions that I want to.. but if you are going you should totally check out:
-Tech Chicks (I LOVE this podcast!)
-anything with @iPadsammy- His new podcast rocks!
-The 3 Tech Ninjas- anything with Ninja has to be good!

There are SO many to list, and I know that I am leaving off so many.

If you are going to #TCEA13 please introduce yourself!  If I have forgotten your name I apologize now :)  Happy learning!

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