Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make It Monday-Super Easy Bookmarks

My super talented friend Alex made this awesome journal for me!  That cute little ribbon is the bookmark
Spring break finished just a couple of weeks ago, but I knew that I wanted to put some goodies in all the boxes to welcome everyone back to school. Thanks to my friend Laura she mentioned this super easy bookmark idea!  So, the last few days of spring break I spent crafting.  One of the teachers (Esther) at school has challenged us to share Random Acts of Kindness (and if you know me.. I am ALL over that!) So, I made these bookmarks for all of the teachers and then made a couple of clipboards and some fun washer necklaces.

All you need is a paperclip and a piece of ribbon.  I found some cute paper clips (got the bigger ones) at Staples.  To make 100 bookmarks I spent about $10.00

Fold the ribbon in half.

Loop the ribbon through the single end (the other end is going over the page)

Pull edge of ribbon through the loop that you have made.
Pull ribbon tight.  If I did this again, I might add a dollop of hot glue.

Mark your page in a book

All my crafts!  While at Staples I found these super cute mini clipboards for $1.00. I covered the back with scrapbook paper.  On the front I put a quote and the #choos2matter tag.  I also tried my hand at those fun washer necklaces.  So, all in all I spent about $15.00 and had a ton of home made goodies to go in boxes!

 This past weekend I had a chance to go see The Odd Couple at the Wyly Theater (thanks again Esther!) and Saturday I spent the day at DENapalooza!  Great weekend of learning and connecting.  Will have a blog over DENapalooza this week sometime.  My husbands new restaurant opened up too! Blaze's Sports Grill is AWESOME! (as you can see by the below picture.. I went back to the dark side of instagram.. I just love all of the awesome things you can do with it.)

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