Monday, March 18, 2013

Movie Monday- News 2 You in my classroom

I just looked at my last blog post and I realize that it was over 2 weeks ago!  I promise I will be back on track :)

So, this blog is going to start off with a movie for Movie Monday, how I use News 2 You in my classroom and of course I have to have pictures of some spring break fun (I even had a chance to guest blog for Tim Holt!)

Our district uses News 2 You, and I LOVE it!

I use pieces of News 2 You all day long.  In the afternoon we have our News 2 You time where I use my Smoothboard Air and my Rear Projection Screen. During this time we listen to the weekly story, work on the knock knock jokes and create our own newspaper.  My students also love checking out Joey's Locker for the latest cartoon or comic book!

I love the fact that News 2 You has appropriate world articles for the time.  What a great way to give our students a chance to discuss topics that are happening right now.  Newspaper and worksheets come out every Thursday.  These include a recipe (that even I can cook!), knock knock jokes, and other appropriate materials.  

How I use News 2 You-

I use some worksheets as individual work in to keep in kiddos desk.  I label the top with Monday, Tuesday... etc. So students know when they need to finish the work.  It all gets turned in on Friday.

This is the morning work folder.  After students eat breakfast and do hygiene I have worksheets prepared to get them going for the day.

After our News 2 You session in the afternoon I have activities ready for students to complete as a group.

I use News 2 You for our word work journals on Friday.

Group area for News 2 You

Love the word wall words!  Has picture with the definition!

If you have any other questions how I use or prepare my News 2 You, please let me know!

Last week was spring break... and it was a LOVELY LAZY one!  Yes, I said LAZY!  Several very exciting things happened!
My husband started a new job (it has been a tough year this year)
I got to hang out with some friends (which is always nice)
I had a chance to guest blog for Tim Holt (WOW! I felt SO honored!) Of course I had to write about Making Your Mark (take a moment to check out #choose2matter and #dotday)
I also got to see Peter and Paul Reynolds
These 2 guys are AMAZING! Check out FableVision and International Dot Day

But the best way to start my spring break was getting on the scale (yes, I said that!)  This year has been a tough year for a ton of reasons.  We had a chance to deal with West Nile during the summer, job changes, and some of my personal job interviews that did not go the way that I had hoped (LOVE my school family though!).  I am very thankful for all that I have.. but that does not mean that I don't have a pity party every once in awhile. Anyway.. when we had another obstacle in front of us right after Christmas.. I had this huge realization that there is not much that I can change right now.. but I can change how healthy I am and how I look.  I know that I have already blogged over it some.

But when I stepped on the scale Saturday morning of spring break.. I was down 22 pounds!  I started my journey at 222 and am currently at 198!  I am thinner than I was when I got married!
In September of 2012- 222 pounds
March 15th 2013- 198 pounds! I even got to buy a new pair of pants :)

I know this is a long post!  Already have my Make It Monday post in the works for next week :)  What did you do for spring break?  Have you signed up for #DotDay for next year?  Are you reminding people that they inspire you?

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  1. I use N2Y in the UK, and I love seeing how you use it.Thank you!