Sunday, January 5, 2014


Every year we sit down and make resolutions.  I have thrown out the ideas for resolutions a long time ago.. I create a vision/dream board at the first of the year.  I wrote about our Dream/Vision board last year here and here.  A recap of this years adventures for our Dream/Vision board is here (now realize, that with dreams and vision they tend to be a little more personal)

This year I have seen many people just post 1 word for their Vision or Goal for the year.  I LOVE this idea! Great article over the One-Word Resolution.
The first challenge of the 2014 year for Techformers Unite:
Your Challenge: Create a vision board or goal board for the new year! This can be education based or more personal. (I love picmonkey by the way.. what a cool program!)
Why did I choose Balance?  As I look at myself in the mirror I realize I am a very intense person (happy with who I am) but I want to be involved in EVERYTHING! I do a pretty good job of being involved in everything... but there are nights where I don't sleep much because my brain doesn't shut down or as crazy as it might seem I get overwhelmed.  So, this year my word is going to be Balance.

Balance at Work- understand that it is okay to say no to certain things. This might be one of the hardest things to accomplish as I love being involved in everything!  So, when I get overwhelmed I am going to look back at my word of BALANCE, step back and reorganize my time.  Things I will need to balance on at work: Destination ImagiNation, my role as Instructional Technology Specialist, my role on the Campus Improvement Committee, and my role as a member of the school PTA board and Council PTA board.  This seems like a ton to balance, but if I put my mind to it, I know that I will be able to.

Balance at Home- This is probably where I will need the most work on for balancing.  Once I get home I enjoy spending my time on social media, playing mindless games, or watching TV.  Oh and I also need to balance my Jamberry business too. I want to have a more balanced self at home, where I have time to workout for an hour, read books and enjoy spending time being unplugged.  The unplugged part is going to be the hardest, but one that I really want to work on this year!  How I might accomplish this: set a time aside each day to be plugged in (to work on Techformers Unite, Jamberry, EdTech Chat and Chew, blogging, Tweeting, Instagram, and other social media outlets) but then shut down... and be okay with shutting down!  The world will not end if I do not answer that email, that Facebook request, or that notification on Twitter.

Balance with Self- I am very lucky with all the things that I have accomplished in these last few years. I have a wonderful family near and far, amazing support system and a roof over my head.  Just like everyone there are things that I want to accomplish. I am a lister and an organizer.  Sometimes my list end up being pages long (I finish them, but at what cost?) In the past I have attempted the 3 things (where I list 3 things that I must finish each day) This year I am going to work on more Balance with myself and have 5 things that I must accomplish each day.  The world will not end if I do not finish everything in one day, I will still go on living and still be a great contributing member to society.

What are your goals and dreams for this year?  Do you have a word for the year?  How do you plan to accomplish your dreams and goals?

P.S.- I my biggest dream for the year- to find balance and peace in my life so I might have the chance to become a mom.


  1. I love a word for a year idea. It gives such purpose and theme to a year. It also allows for so much success. Balance is also a great word. Life is so very busy and there is so much to take in, get taken care of and do....balancing it all is the key! Happy New Year my friend!

    1. Thanks friend! I even changed my backdrop to remind me to Balance!