Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Morphing of the Tech Challenge

I have spent several blogs writing about the Tech Challenges that I created for my staff, and I have also shared the Techformers Unite challenges.  I had teachers participating in the challenges, but I also was getting feedback that the challenges were too broad or didn't cover the subject the teachers were working on.  Looking back at my challenges, this made complete sense!  My overall goal for my challenges is to give teachers easy tools to quickly and easily use in their classroom... then as they get more comfortable be willing to try new things, or offer the opportunity for students to use various tools to produce items.  So, I set out on another mission!  I still plan to have my 4 challenges with the same rewards.  My non-negotiable has changed the wording to Encouraged (not as threatening) and now my challenges have the main challenge, how to complete the challenge for every grade level, and ideas to use if you don't teach the subject in the challenge (but still use the same tool)
The challenge

Activities to do with each grade level or ideas for subject

Where you can get more information

I am super excited to send these out to staff! I realize that not everyone has the time to do various activities. I want teachers to feel successful in what they are doing. Hopefully this will increase the Tech Challenge usage and start more conversations with me.  Are you part of Techformers Unite? Do you challenge the teachers/adults you work with to try new things?

On another note, my blogs have been sporadic lately as I have grown into my new position.  I am going to go back to blogging every Monday (of course, there will be other blogs in between, but I want to make sure that I am sharing at least once a week)
Each Monday will be a different theme
Make it Monday- I love crafting, so I will share something that I have either created for school or home
Movie Monday- Since I am not in a classroom, this might change a little.  These videos will more than likely change to more of how to videos
Mail Call Monday- I am always looking for guest bloggers! Want to be featured one month? Email me at or have a question you want answered... I can do that too!
Magnificent Monday- A Monday where I will share one of my favorite tools, apps, or ideas

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