Monday, January 13, 2014

Magnificent Monday- EdTech Chat n' Chew

I have really been working on Balance since the beginning of the year (ok.. I know that I am only 2 weeks in!) but I have been making a huge effort to take time to shut down in the evening, using my time wisely during the day, and enjoying getting outside when I can.  One of my new favorite things about Monday (yes, I have a favorite thing about Mondays!) is the new podcast I am a part of.

We often talk about a working lunch, that is exactly what EdTech Chat n' Chew is!  Every Monday I have the chance to spend my lunch virtually eating with some amazing educators from around the United States and chatting about the cool things we are doing in school, sharing ideas, and just sharing some great rapid fire conversation.  Dyane Smokorowski, Mike Soskil, Karen Wright-Balbier and myself have a passion for creating change in our current jobs, but also understand how important a teachers time is.

The EdTech Chat n' Chew is only about 15-25 minutes (perfect timing for some professional development during lunch time)  You can find the videos on our webpage, we are also on iTunes and of course you can find us on Facebook

Things you can look forward to from our podcast:
-Ideas that you can take right back to your classroom and use
-Ways to connect with other classrooms
-A place to grow your professional learning network
and so much more!

I am always so thankful for the people that I connect with and can call friends (even when I haven't had a chance to meet them in person). Mike wrote a great blog about it here. Just from the few times we have recorded our show I have already gotten ideas to use in my school. I can't wait to learn even more from these amazing educators (and share the great things that we are doing in our school)

Do you have some favorite podcasts?  I have about 3 that I listen to all the time (great for roadtrips and walking!)
The Tech Chicks

Hope that you add our podcast to your list!

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