Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ISTE 12- What a Whirlwind!

So, I am sure that you noticed (for all of those awesome followers out there!) that I did not post yesterday. These 2 days have been full of making connections, meeting new people, and sitting in on some fantastic sessions.

Monday I made my way to bloggers cafe to hang out with some awesome friends. I did make it to a session over Adobe Premiere and creating documentaries. Although a vendor (I am so apprehensive sometimes about attending vendor sessions... sorry) they had real teachers presenting and it was hands on. I really enjoyed using the software, but I enjoyed even more learning about how others were digital storytelling in their classroom. You know me, always a sucker for connecting with people :) I have to admit I did not attend any more sessions after that but headed out for lunch around 3. Even though there is only a 2 hour time change difference.. that is still a HUGE change. Monday evening was full of events. I had a chance to chat with creators and founders of kidblogs, class dojo, remind 101, and educreations. I will have to go back and add links to all of those when I am no longer mobile :) Of course I got to see my BrainPOP friends which always makes me so happy. Speaking of BrainPOP.. there is a BrainPOPJr App!

Today was preparing for the AWESOME Follett Software Great Thinkers Event! When I get back to Dallas this event is going to get its own blog, because my mind is still going 90 to nothing tonight! Rebecca Levinson had a fantastic panel.. ones that were not necessarily ones you would think of to see at a teacher based conference... but what conversations that were had!

I have so much more to write, but my brain is oh so very tired! More reflections to come this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to hit up some poster sessions and take lots more pictures :)

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  1. Andrea,

    I wanted to first thank you for inspiring me day after day. Because of how I have been inspired by your blog, I am nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog and check it out.