Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reflections of ISTE 2012- The Beginning

As I sit in the San Diego airport I can't even wrap my brain around all that has happened in the last 5 days. ISTE was amazing, overwhelming, fantastic, and so many other descriptive words. There are going to be several blogs in the coming future of all that I learned and all that I did, but today... I have other ideas for my blog.

I have to admit that I did learn a ton, but I learned the most from the poster sessions and the people that I actually met along the way.

This has been one of the most amazing years, but also been one of the toughest years. It has been amazing becuase I have had the different honors awarded to me from TCEA Teacher of the Year, to NSBA 20 Educators to Watch, to Tech and Learning Most Influential in Ed-Tech. I have had the chance to present at the Autism State Conference in Houston and the New Leaf in Learning Conference in Chicago, and the Autism Conference in Amarillo. I have had the chance to attend CoSN in Washington D.C., TCEA in Austin, and now ISTE in San Diego.

I would not have had all of these awesome opportunities had I not had the supportive husband that told me to go try, the parents that helped me financially along the way along with moral support, several other people that helped me financially get to the different areas, and of course my amazing PLN! The Professional Learning Network (aslo known as friends) have been so amazing

So, what was ISTE to me? It was connections, gathering wth people with like minded ideas, reminding each other that even though we are doing some crazy things.. we need to continue to do it for the kids (because in the end.. isn't that the most important) and yesterday it was the ones that allowed me a shoulder to cry on as I got news of not getting a job that I thought I had wanted for so long. With those tears came amazing friends with assurances that everything happens for a reason... and it just means that I am getting ready for some bigger and better things. I think that is also means that there is change in the air! Am I scared right now.. of course I am... do I have a job for next year.. yes I do... but am I thinking about change... YES I AM! Thank you all my ISTE people! Thank you Lorie, Nancy, Sherry, Dyane and Kay for being the should I could lean on and cry. Thank you Paul, Dean, and Mitch for always watching out for me and being ready with a hug when I needed it. Thank you Carol for fun adventures. Thank you Rebecca for the AMAZING opportunity that you allowed me to have to attend ISTE. Thank you Ginger for your honesty and love... I really enjoyed our conversations. Thank you Kevin for making me feel and reminding me that I am going to make a change.. and not to give up. There are so many other amazing people that helped make ISTE amazing like Jim, Karen, Kelly, Marilyn, and Allan.

I don't know where next year is going to lead. If it is back in the classroom.. I am going to rock it. If it is something else.. I will rock that too! Whatever or wherever my next adventure takes me.. I know that I will have my supportive family by my side.. and my AMAZING friends to help me get through!

Once I get back to Dallas there will be blogs with lots of links of the different things I learned and the people that I met!


  1. Can't wait to read and see some of the cool things you learned or experienced!

  2. Great to read from another texas special ed teacher!!! I have given you an award, Click Here to check it out!!!