Thursday, June 11, 2015

Library Lessons

This week I spent my time playing librarian for summer school.  I have had way too much fun in the library!

I wanted to share what I did with the kiddos.. because I think for a short 45 minute lesson they have had a good time (I know that I have!)

Kinder through second grade I read the story Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack.  This book is FANTASTIC! The students loved it and it was a great way to teach cause and effect.  During the lesson we talked about the characters, the setting, and what might happen next.

I showed students the Sock Puppets app
Students were then tasked with creating their own Good News Bad News using the Sock Puppet App. I was impressed in how creative the students got.

Not the best video production on my part, but the Good News Bad News was HILARIOUS!
Good News- we are in the studio today, Bad News- we don't know any jokes.  I still get a kick out of it!

For my third through fifth grade classes we worked on poetry.
I found this great post about Teaching Deeper Thinking with Poetry and she had a Freebie download at her Teacher Pay Teacher Store!  I loved the Victory poem that was in it.  For the first part of the lesson we analyzed the Victory poem and chatted about the different meanings behind it.  Students then were tasked with creating an I am Poem.  Super easy "I am" Poem website where you fill in the blanks.  I put this on the big screen and we did the first 6 lines.  After the poems were written students used the Chatterpix Kids app

Students took a selfie (which.. they seemed to love for some odd reason) and then read their poem.  Once finished they could add filters, stickers and text.  One thing that I do love about Chatterpix Kids- you can export to your camera roll (and then do some app smashing and add to another app like Thing Link)  I don't have any to share for this one, but I was very impressed in how open some of the kiddos were in creating their I am Poem.

Super fun times in the library.. I need to start planning for next week! (Oh, by the way.. my #summerofcreating is off to a great start!)

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