Tuesday, June 9, 2015

#summerofcreating Day 4!

I am loving my new camera...but I am not digging the strap. There are lots of tutorials out there for creating your own strap...but I decided to go simple. I found a tutorial here I found the materials at Micheals... but was pretty excited to find sad keychains that had the clasp and ring on it that I wanted. I looked at several different places for the infinity scarf. I ended up at the dollar spot of Target (was thankful I had Robin there helping me out!) Although the tutorial said one scarf.. I realized that was not going to be long enough. We combined 2 infinity scarves together. Downfall of that...now it is too long. After adding a few knots (and it still looks cute) it is the length that I like. Another plus.. now that the ring and clasp has been added to the camera I will be able to easily change out the straps. I see more camera straps in my future!

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